Stromboli Eruption Stromboli in Eruption Volcanoes are fascinating proof our Earth is alive. Sometimes sleeping for thousands of years they suddenly burst into eruption, spewing lava, ash, and gases into the sky.

Volcanoes can be dangerous; devastating landscapes and threatening the lives of plants, animals, and man alike. But on the other hand volcanoes fertilise the earth with their ash, and offer beautiful views to the spectator.

Volcanoes have always interested me. Sparked by my aunt's stories about her visits to Iceland I began to read books about the fire spewing mountains when I was a child.

But it was not before 1992 in Tongariro National Park in New Zealand that my friend Norbert and I stood on an active volcano for the first time. It took me only a couple of years to visit all active volcanoes in New Zealand and many more all over the world.

Since 1998 I enjoy very much the company of my partner and wife Anita on our travels. We both hope you'll enjoy this web site and that you go on some great travels yourself.

Anita & Christian Treber, BŁttelborn 1999