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Reclining Buddha The City of Angels (Bangkok)
Das erste Mal in Asien. Vier Tage, vier Geschichten, und das Schmunzeln wird garantiert
Ruapehu Crater Lake Ruapehu Crater Lake (Ruapehu, New Zealand)
Up to the steaming crater lake of New Zealand's largest volcanoe (and try out the nifty "before/after" eruption feature!)
Lava platypus Live from the Lava (Big Island, Hawai'i)
Audio report from the lava fields of Kilauea, from midday into darkness
Moku'aweoweo Mauna Loa Observatory Trail (Big Island, Hawai'i)
From the summit of the largest volcano on Earth you can see a crater that is as big as a small town
Mauna Kea observatories Mauna Kea Trail (Big Island, Hawai'i)
Eine Wanderung auf den höchsten Vulkan der Erde, auf dessen Gipfeln die größten Observatorien stehen
After the marathon Honolulu Marathon 2002 (Oahu, Hawai'i)
Morgens um 5:30Uhr in Honolulu: 26.476 Teilnehmer (und ich) laufen 42.195km am Stück
Sunset at Hawaiian Hilton Briefe aus Hawai'i (Hawai'i)
Berichte über Neues und Altes, Gutes und Böses, Erwartetes und Überraschendes aus dem Paradies


10 1/2 Weeks of New Zealand - New Zealand I

22.01. - 07.04.1992

Is there such a thing as a 'life changing journey'? Yes, there is. My first trip out of Europe took me to the other, beautiful end of the world: New Zealand. Isn't it nice when any expectations you might have get easily exceeded all the time? Tropical tree ferns, alpine glaciers and peaks, steaming volcanoes, mischievous parrots... and a great friend as a companion.

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2/3rds of New Zealand - New Zealand II

05.03. - 12.04.1994

The first trip to New Zealand was a fantastic experience. When you hardly can imagine to leave, the longing to come back can become unbearable. And why should you bear! So that's why I needed to go again, three years after my first trip. Some new places were waiting to be discovered...

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Spaß im Schnee - Switzerland II

December 26 1996

Eigentlich fahre ich gar nicht Ski. Aber wenn ein guter Freund anruft und fragt: 'Ey, hast Du Lust in die Schweiz mitzufahren?', warum sollte man da nein sagen? In Grächen, nahe Zermatt, haben wir eine Hütte gemietet, und diese unter anderem mit zwei rheinischen Frohnaturen und einem Mathelehrer bewohnt. Das kann ja lustig werden (und wird es auch)!

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Volcanoes of the North, Tracks of the South - New Zealand III

19.02. - 26.03.1997

When you really long for a place, you need to give in and go, even if you go on your own. That's what I did after two visits to New Zealand five and three years before. This time, the trip definitely had some ups and downs, personal and travel-wise. But even when you're down at times, there is some experience to pick you up again.

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The City of Angels - Thailand I

26 - 30.03.1997

Mein erster Trip nach Asien war weder wirklich geplant noch gewollt. Und doch: vier Tage in Bangkok, und mein Bild vom fernen Osten ist ein Anderes. All' das Gerede von Magie und Charme... stimmt!

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Over, On, and Around The Bay - USA I

26 - 30.11.1997

The Bay Area - a beautiful place to spend your time. What could be better then being shown around by a friend who actually lives there, in Palo Alto? And what if that friend would happen to be a pilot and a sailor, to show you the area from above and on the water? You're about to find out...

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Three Islands in Paradise - Hawai'i I

30.11. - 19.12.1997

Everybody knows Hawai'i is a busy, crowded place where package tourists spend a week or two. Then you might know there are some active volcanoes as well, and that Hawai'i is more then just Waikiki. What I did not know: it has some of the best wild and unspoiled scenery I ever saw, with the possibly exception of New Zealand. Hard to believe? Not after you read this travel diary of Big Island, Maui, and Kauai'i. Surprise, surprise: On Maui I met Anita, my future wife!

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From Sea to Sky and Back - Canada I

16.03. - 20.04.1998

If you're looking for the diary of a long journey through Canada, look no further. We went from Calgary to Vancouver by bus and hitching rides on trucks, we visited Vancouver and Vancouver Island, got a drive-away back through the Rockies via Edmonton to Winnipeg, visited Anita's parents in northern Manitoba, went far north to Churchill at the Hudson Bay, rode a train for two days from Winnipeg to Toronto, and finally arrived at Montreal.

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Isole Eolie and the Rest - Italy I

01 - 06.05.1998

Where the heck are the Isole Eolie (or Lipari Islands)? I might never have known if Stromboli and Vulcano weren't two of them. Stromboli, the lighthouse of the mediterranean, is a volcano that has been active for at least 2,000 years. And, of course, there is Vulcano, from which all erupting mountains derive their name. But wait, there's more: Places like Rome, Florence, Siena, Venice, Milan, ...

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Travelling with an Angel - Thailand II

29.11. - 02.12.1998

World trip, part one. Bangkok, oriental setting... Bangkok has a charme to it that is difficult to describe. It is a warm feeling that I got there. Is it the tranquil golden temples and giant Buddhas? Or the best food in asia? Or the friendly people? Or the fact the City of Angels never sleeps? Magic is more then the sum of its ingredients...

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Visiting with a Friend - Malaysia I

03 - 18.12.1998

World trip, part two. Little or nothing did I know about Malaysia, until a friend of Anita showed us around. We added some exploring of our own as well, and look what we found: Singapore is close by, Melakka has a Dutch history, Tioman Island features wild monkeys and excellent snorkeling, and there are still tigers in the jungle.

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Metropolis in the Tropics - Singapore I

17 - 19.12.1998

World trip, part three. Singapore, the city state on the southern tip of Malaysia, reminded me of a Frankfurt in the tropics - highrises, bank buildings, and a cleanliness that must impress any good German :-) And then there is Singapore, the Asian city with its tropic surroundings, exotic food, and a Night Zoo where animals (seem to) roam freely...

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Seven Days Down Under - Australia I

07 - 13.01.1999

World trip, part five. Our first trip to Australia. Well, Sydney and surroundings, to be precise. Expect the standard destinations and some more: Opera House, Habour Bridge, Sydney Aquarium, Blue Mountains, Manly Beach, aboriginal rock art, koalas, kangaroos...

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Annie's Paradise - French Polynesia I

15.02. - 19.03.1999

World trip, part seven. Tahiti, Bora Bora - aren't these names connected with fantasies of blue ocean, green palm trees, warm sun, and white sandy beaches? We've been traveling through the Society Islands, hopping five weeks from island to island with fast ferries, slow freighters, and by plane. From big Tahiti to tiny Maupiti, this is Anita's paradise...

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Fast Fiji Flyby - Fiji I

19 - 21.03.1999

World trip, part eight. Fiji first was just a stop-over to us. Only three days, just enough time to take in some sights on the biggest island. And still: there are the green sugar cane fields that stretch to the horizon, giant sand dunes to walk, frolick, and get lost in, and a pleasant little hotel to stay at.

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Games and Nature - USA II

30.04. - 06.05.1999

World trip, part ten. Everybody likes Las Vegas, but I don't. Until I actually went there :-) The city, or should I better say: the event, is better experienced then just seen. And take a look at the neighborhood: Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Bryce Canyon, Zion... If these places sound terribly overrated to you, you'll be in for a pleasant surprise - they ARE that spectacular.

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Getting Married in Calgary - Canada II

May 7 1999

World trip, part eleven. When you know you want to stay together forever and laws make it difficult to live in one of the two countries you're from, you might as well get married, right? And so we did, on the 28th of May 1999 in Calgary. While other events during this month in Canada were not quite as dramatic ;-), the drive in a 8-wheeled vehicle through swampy tundra to a cabin at a lonely lake in northern Manitoba is worth mentioning as well...

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Skiing and Xmas in Canada - Canada III

15 - 28.12.1999

Normally I don't really ski, but for a stay at Sunshine (Banff) I'll make an exception any time :-) How does it feel when your hotel is located directly in the center of an exceptional skiing area, and the next lift is just 50m from the door? Fantastic... And then we travel over 2,200km to celebrate Xmas in The Pas, the home town of Anita's parents.

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Fire and Ice - Iceland I

29.07. - 18.08.2000

Since my aunt had been telling me about her visit to Iceland when I was a small child, I was dreaming about volcanoes, but never really thought I would go there one day. And now we did. Awesome! The landscape alone is... something very special. Add the friendly people and the amazing amount and quality of art that is created and displayed here, in places such as the underground caverns of a hydro power station...

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Fireworks and Snow - Iceland II

21.12.2000 - 02.01.2001

If the amount of time that passes between visits is a measure of how much you like the place, Iceland is our winner. After three wonderful weeks in summer we returned for more over Xmas and New Years the following winter. We enjoyed more art, tranquil Rekjavik at Xmas time, steaming outdoor hot pools at subzero temperatures, northern lights, friendly people, and outrageous bonfires and fireworks.

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From Cold to Hot - Canada IV

04 - 14.01.2001

Do the Niagara Falls really freeze over in winter? And what's that story about a pilot landing a jet plane that ran out of fuel at the small town of Gimli, glider-style? On this trip we get chilled at -26°C visiting Anita's friends in Toronto and parents in The Pas, before we head out to tropical destinations...

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New Aspects of Paradise - Hawai'i III

15 - 31.01.2001

This time we went to Hawai'i with a purpose: to investigate if Honolulu is a suitable place for Anita to study. So we checked out the local universities and found: it can be done. The touristic program was great as well: flowing lava, a bolide fireball, stargazing, jumping humpback whales, some excellent snorkeling...

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Sizzling Summer Sicily - Italy II

08 - 15.08.2001

Etna is erupting! This alone was reason enough for us to go to Sicily and have a look up close. And then we discovered more of the island, which is a small country of its own: the rich Greek and Roman heritage, the varied landscape, and, of course, the superb food which combines influences from all over the mediterranean.

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From Island to Island - Denmark I

29.08. - 08.09.2001

I have never been north of Germany (well, within Europe), and with our trip to Denmark we crossed the northern border for the first time. On the road with the camper van of my parents for about two weeks, we hopped from island to island, enjoying the friendly and calm atmosphere, fresh air, wide vista landscapes, and some amazing pieces of art. We're looking forward to more of northern Europe...

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Studying Paradise - Hawai'i IV

16.01. - 06.10.2002

Anita wanted to do something for herself, like studying philosophy in an english-speaking and warm country. Where could that be... Australia... New Zealand... or... Hawai'i? Yes, this was to be the place. And so we studied, worked, and lived in Honolulu for one and a half years.

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The Beautiful Island - Hawai'i V

29.05. - 15.06.2002

When you allready live in the Hawai'ian Islands, where do you go on vacation? Honolulu is a loud and crowded place. While we enjoy the amenities of the Big City when studying and working, we prefer what the Big Island has to offer when we're on vacation: jumping humpback whales, flowing lava, lush rain forest, icy mountain tops, clear dark nights for stargazing, uncrowded beaches, excellent snorkeling, swimming with dolphins...

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Big Island Revisited - Hawai'i VI

29.12.2002 - 06.01.2003

Es alles hinter sich lassen, dem Trubel und Lärm der Stadt entkommen... der Stadt Honolulu, um präzise zu sein. Ja, auch wenn man in Hawai'i lebt möchte man manchmal Ferien machen, um etwas Neues, Anderes zu sehen. Wie zum Beispiel leere Strände, strömende Lava, klare und dunkle Nächte zum Sterne gucken, und eiskalte Gipfel (welch ein Luxus!). Und so kommt es, dass wir unsere kurzen Neujahrs-Ferien auf der Insel Hawai'i, auch als Big Island bekannt, verbracht haben.

9 75 Panoramas 7 100% 7930 words, 49.9kB