The Past

Sometimes I wonder myself what I have done so far. When did I play the drums in a band, how old was I when I travelled to New Zealand, how many years ago did I start that new job? This page is the result of the attempt to answer these questions, for me and for others.

Until May Studying, writing shareware (AC.log Pro)
From January 02 on Live in Honolulu, Hawai'i
From February to July 01 on Freelance consulting for Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, Frankfurt/Main und London
From September 01 on Development of AC.log Pro
January 1st 00 One year to go to the next century/ millenium
January to May 00 Freelance consulting for Mannesmann Arcor, Eschborn
From May 00 on Freelance consulting for Dresdner Bank AG, Frankfurt/Main, and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, London
May 28th 99 Anita and I get married in Calgary.
Until June 99 Around the world
August 99 Move to germany
August to November 99 Freelance consulting for Opus 5, Dreieich
From November 99 on Freelance consulting for Mannesmann Arcor, Eschborn
January to March 98 New job, a horrendous experience as a consultant in a fixed contract. Left after 2.5 month, which already was far too long.
April 98 Start working as a freelance consultant for Internet technologies. Something I'm good at and enjoy very much.
End March and April 98 Trans-Canada with Anita.
May 98 Italy with Anita. Etna, Lipari Island, "and the North".
June to December 98 Work as a freelance consultant on various projects.
19.2.97 - 31.3.97 New Zealand III and Bangkok, alone. Volcanoes, hiking, relaxing - and, at Bangkok, culture shock. Somehow an ego-trip, since I was travelling alone. But what does "alone" mean - I met many wonderful people.
November and December 97 San Francisco and Hawai'i (Big Island, Maui - where I met Anita! -, Kauai, and Maui again).
26.9.96 Jeeze, I'm 30 years old now. But I take it with pride. And I look much younger, anyway. I'm successfull. I'm looking good. And I'm driving a Mercedes.

Well, at least I'm driving a year old, white Mercedes 190 E. Nice car.

26.12.96 - 3.1.97 Skiing at Grächen, Switzerland, with Barbara, Werner, and others. This was the second time in my life I went skiing, and it was mighty fun! Sure a thing to be repeated, with the same crew.
April 95 The 3rd World Wide Web Conference at Darmstadt, Germany. After some begging the company paid for the fee, but I had to take two days off. They didn't see how the WWW could possibly be a business opportunity...
13.8.95 - 3.9.95 Lanzarote.
30.9.95 My last day at Telenet. This has been a long story which could be named "From enthusiasm to soberness in three years". It's strange how hard some companies work on demotivating employees, and how successfull they are at it.
1.10.95 My first day at GENT.
5.3.94 - 12.4.94 NZ II with Jürgen Luksch. Jürgen was a collegue at Telenet, and when I told him I wanted to go to New Zealand for a second time, he asked me if I he could join me - and I said "ok".
Mid 1994 This year I (through Jürgen) came into contact with Gopher, the text-only predecessor of the WWW. I was only experimenting with it for a month when I compiled Mosaic, the first WWW browser (I submitted some fixes which made me a "minor contributor"). It struck me at this moment I was looking at something big, and started using it for an internal website (yes, I built an intranet in 1994!).
May 93 A memorable month.
February 1992 I finished the damn book and the program diskette. Though this was a nice addition to my CV, it wasn't exactly a financial success. I should try again with some less technical stuff.
22.1.92 - 7.4.92 NZ I with Norbert. Norbert was my flatmate when we studied at FH Fulda. Every other sunday noon, we were having hamburgers (my speciality), listened to Simple Minds and dreamt of a looong journey. We swore that after we finished studies we would go to America for some months. We almost lost contact after we left Fulda, but we reunited and went to New Zealand for 10 weeks. This was one of the most important events in my life. Thank you, Nobby!
1.9.92 My first day at Telenet. It was a long way from the end of my New Zealand-experience back to "reality". One application, one interview, got the job!
28.2.91 I finished studies at FH Fulda, much better then I initially had hoped, expected or planned: I was one of the 15 out of 150 who finished in minimum time (3.5 years), and I finished with a mark of 1.1, which means I finished best (with another guy)!
Since March 1991 With the help of the professor who acompanied me when I wrote my thesis, I started writing a book about "System Programs against Computer Viruses". I didn't know how long it would take me to finish it...
1.2. - 31.7.87 Internship at the Nixdorf Aus- und Weiterbildungszentrum at Wiesbaden
1.9.87 I started studying "Applied Informatics and Mathematics" at Fachhochschule Fulda. Fulda was very close to the former East German border. It was incredible when The Wall came down: heaps of Trabbis invading the supermarkets, leaving weighed down by cans of pineapple and other tropical fruit.
31.12.86 15 month of military service are over - a "never again" experience.
  I finished high school in June with Abitur and a mark of 2.3 - which wasn't to bad, compared to my efforts. As a "Abitur-Scherz" we wrapped the front of our school in newspaper and attached a huge red ribbon, so the whole thing looked like a present. We even made it into the newspapers.
Summer 1985 After school I went on a 5 week journey with my father, through Austria, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria to Turkey. With our campervan, we explored Istanbul, the Black Sea coast, Ankara, Göreme, Ürgüp and the whole Mediterranean coast, from Mersin back to Istanbul.
1.10.85 I was drafted for service in the Bundeswehr, the Germany military. I would never do that again, and I think my brother makes the right decision when he chooses the civil service, though it is 3 months longer.

I was a gunner on the Gepard, an anti-aircraft-tank with two turret mounted cannons. Imagine that: I'm 6ft 1 tall, and they put me in a tank...

  I finished comprehensive school and went to high school at Hahn (that's about 4km from Seitzenhahn). I was very glad I had no teachers who are relatives there.
  If I remember correctly I started playing the drums in the band "Coastline".
29.10.76 My brother Lucas was born. He was four weeks early, had jaundice, and had to stay in hospital for one month before he came home. That's was fun!
  With the 5th form I switched to high school at Bleidenstadt where my father is a maths and physics teacher - which didn't make things easier for me!
  When I was 8 we moved from Kiedrich to Taunusstein-Seitzenhahn (that's 12km northwest of Wiesbaden). My mother, sister and I survived a crash on the day we moved - the car rolled down a slope and came to a halt after two complete revolutions. The car was a wreck, but nobody was injured. Phew!

I went to the primary school at Bleidenstadt, which is about 2km from Seitzenhahn.

  After two years in the Kindergarten I went to elementary school at Kiedrich, Rheingau (that's west of Wiesbaden). When I entered school, I was only five years old, and this did no good to my ability to read and write. It wasn't before the 11th form my orthography became acceptable.
7.11.68 My sister was born today. My father was in the same hospital as my mother, but not to visit her - he was recovering from a nearly fatal crash when his car hit a lantern while overtaking another car.
26.9.66 The day I was born, a monday morning, half an hour after midnight. Damn, I missed being a sunday-child be only 30 minutes!