and Christian just married A+C+T - Anita and Christian Treber

Changes in life, changes in the web site. You look at how things went in the past, you evaluate your present situation, you think about what you want the future to be, and you adjust the course of your life. - How it all started

We have had a web site for four years now. The ideas behind having a web presence have changed, and so did the site(s). At first it was one of the "Welcome to my site" sites at (I believe it has been removed when Yahoo! bought Geocities). Then travel stories went online (and the volume exceeded 10MB), and a volcano theme was added that actually became quite popular. - Going professional

To own a domain became affordable in 1999, and I began to use (English) and (German) to advertise my freelance consulting business and to distribute shareware (such as AC.log, which has over 20,000 downloads so far).

The Geocities content moved to, and travel stories were added ever since, adding up to 100MB in 2002. - Volcanoes of New Zealand

When the price for domains was becoming really low, the "Volcanoes of New Zealand" pages were spun off to The site is more popular then I think myself, but I have to admit I didn't update anything for two years. - Selling products

Since the end of 2002 is used to promote and sell shareware. AC.log and are free, and have proved quite popular. My first shareware piece is AC.log Pro, and I hope sales take off soon :-) AC.genealogy and AC.portfolio are on display, but no public release has been planned so far. - The Art of Anita Treber

The most recent addition to our domains is where Anita displays her portfolio. Some works already have been produced in Germany, but creativity and output really soared when Anita started studying at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa in 2002.

All the time things were modified and glued on, and now it's time to untangle the web and start anew. This web site is the result of these efforts - enjoy!

Anita and Christian Treber, Honolulu March 2002